Stop watching television, avoid Obesity, Diabetes and Sleeplessness.

watching-television Television is the most entertaining medium these days. With the advent of new channels, people rarely find anything so effortless than to plug into their television in their leisure time. Most children become accustomed to the medium before their schooling. In India television is watched mostly amongst the age group of 4- 14.

It has been found after a research that TV viewing is directly linked with mindless eating. People generally consume high calories and salty snacks like pop corns, chips etc when they are glued to the television. These foods are very low in fiber and results in obesity. The television also affects small children as they are kept away from the physical activities after they tune in to the TV. It has also been found that children tend to eat more when they get stuck to this virtual world.

An important statistics reveals that women who watch television continuously for two hours increase their obesity by 23 % and diabetes by 14 %. This is due to the prolonged watch of the TV. On the other hand an hour of brisk walk daily decreases obesity by 24% and diabetes buy 35%. So if some one is suffering form diabetes, at first blame the television.

Television is also the main reason for sleeplessness. It has been found in the recent survey that watching television at night reduces melatonin, a kind of hormone that is extracted in our body every night which makes us asleep. If a child does not watch television for a week, then the hormone increases up to 30 %. It has also been found that children who watch more television at home remain less concentrated at school. They are late learners and lacks in creativity and intelligence. So it is advised that school children should be kept away form television as much as possible.