Steps to buy an LCD Backlight for your Toshiba Laptop.

lcdbacklight If you are facing problems with the display of your laptop, such as the display is dimming, showing different colors or making a buzzing noise then you should not think of replacing the whole display screen for it. It might be the case with faulty LCD backlight that light up your display in the laptop. The LCD backlight generally gets broken and one has to replace it to get the clarity of the display. Here are some easy steps that you should follow while going for a new LCD backlight

At first try to find out the part number of your LCD backlight from the user manual that came with the laptop. This part number is necessary for buying the correct backlight for your laptop as different laptop’s backlight system has different part numbers and wrong combination of backlight will either not fit into the laptop or will give faulty display.

The next step is to log in to the Toshiba’s web site and click on the “Customer Support “link. You will be directed towards the customer support page where you can locate your nearest Toshiba service center with the help of your part number. You can either go to the service center or buy the LCD backlight by ordering it online.

You can also buy the LCD backlight from a local dealer near you, but the availability will depend on the popularity of the brand. E Bay and other online computer peripherals sites offers a wide range of LCD backlights that are cheap, but it is always advised to buy the backlight with a return policy in case of a defect in the backlight.

Before buying a new LCD backlight see if your laptop falls under warranty period of free replacement. Always buy an LCD backlight with a connector attached to it; it would make the installation easier. Don’t install the backlight yourself if you do not know how to do it.

So once you find that you have some problems with the display system of the laptop, at once check if the LCD backlight is broken or not.