Staying warm: dealing with cold feet

jitters Getting married is a life-altering change in a person’s existence. While it causes happiness and anticipation, it also leads to a phenomenon called cold feet before the wedding.

It is normal for both brides and grooms to get cold feet—a feeling of anxiety about the upcoming wedding. Caught up in the tempest of wedding preparations, you may start feeling nervous and uncertain about the event. This is a natural feeling and usually passes away quickly.

However, sometimes cold feet indicate that you may be worried about something seriously wrong in the relationship: your fiancé’s negative behavior, violence, deceit, difference of opinion over major issues etc. Don’t continue with such a wedding just because you’re afraid to cancel it.

Most of the time, getting cold feet is very common before a wedding. The stress of planning the event can often lead to little fears and anxieties.

Take a break

A wedding is a happy occasion, so avoid getting too stressed about it. Take a break occasionally from wedding activities and spend some time doing yoga or running. Hang out with your friends and family, watch a movie or play games.

Talk it out

Sharing problems often lightens one’s burdens. Speak to a close friend or family member about your fears. Talk to a married person who may be able to share his or her own experience of pre-wedding nerves.

Speaking to your beloved is also a good option. You may find that he or she is going through the same thing. Don’t be afraid of hurting or angering them. Understanding and sharing are an important part of a happy relationship.

Love rules

No matter how nervous you are, remember how much you love your partner. It will remind you of why you are marrying him or her in the first place. Look at pictures from your early days of romance and recall the wonderful times spent together.

Before becoming the ‘runaway bride/groom’, think twice about the reason for your anxiety. You may be running away from what could be a happy and loving union.