Staying Fit Like Madonna

fit-like-madonna Are you mad about Madonna’s sensuous body? If you are wondering how to stay in shape just like the Material Girl, you must consume organic whole grains foods and practice yoga everyday. Madonna has incorporated Far East and Indian ancient lifestyle philosophies to her daily fitness regime. Macrobiotic diet and Ashtanga yoga are responsible for keeping Madonna fit.

Macrobiotic diet
Macrobiotic diet comprises of whole grains and organic foods. This diet is derived from philosophy of the Far East, which believes in balancing the yin and yang energies. Half of macrobiotic diet consists of whole grains. Raw, pickled or cooked seasonal vegetables comprise a quarter of daily serving. Sea vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and soups should make 15 percent of your daily food intake. Protein will be limited to consumption of legumes and fish, and it will comprise 10 percent of your daily food.

Macrobiotic diet does not recommend consumption of poultry and dairy products. Therefore, you can consider eliminating eggs, cheese and meat from your diet. Sugar, alcohol, chocolates, honey, vanilla, artificial vinegar and even spices are not allowed in macrobiotic diets. Non-aromatic tea is the only beverage recommended in macrobiotic diet. Intake of tropical or semitropical fruits and fruits juices, artificial drinks, soda and coffee are not allowed in macrobiotic diet.

To stay healthy, you should eat only organic foods. Macrobiotic lifestyle requires consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Microwave cooking is taboo in macrobiotic diet. Eating should be done in a relaxed manner. You should chew your foods slowly, in order to ease the digestion process.

Ashtanga yoga
Ashtanga yoga is a process of synchronizing our breathing pattern with a series of physical postures. While practicing Ashtanga yoga, the body produces intense heat, which increases perspiration. It is believed that the organs and muscles of the body detoxifies through sweating. Ashtanga yoga is believed to improve the blood circulation of the body. Besides improving our physical health, Ashtanga yoga also calms our mind.