Stay safe at prom

prom-dress Countless teen flicks focus on one main event in the lives of high school students – prom. This dance is a memory that lives on forever in a person’s life. The activities surrounding this major event also cause plenty of excitement: shopping for the prom dress and tuxedo, finding a date and finally, the main event itself, comprising a before or after-prom dinner or party.

Simultaneously, the negative aspect of prom night leads to disastrous events. Drinking and driving, drug abuse, sexual abuse and other crimes often go hand-in-hand with proms. Some teenagers tend to get reckless in their decisions and actions, which lead to a lifetime of regret and bad memories.

Following certain safety measures will ensure that you have a good time on the most special day of your life without ending the night in tears.

Safe date
While it may be romantic to go to prom with the school’s cute basketball star, it’s not the best idea for a first date. Prom nights are usually crazy with people riotously celebrating the end of the year. The last thing you want is to end up with one of the craziest people.

Your prom date should be ideally someone who you have dated for a long time. Get to know the person well, their friends and their family too. Find out their intentions and expectations about prom; you wouldn’t want to be unexpectedly forced into something undesirable.

A time for friends
Don’t ditch your friends for your date. Remember that they’ll be the ones whose shoulder you’ll cry on in case your date abandons you. Make plans to go to prom with a group of friends in a car or limousine.

Instead of being lured by wild after-prom parties, make plans with your date and friends to spend the night doing fun activities like watching movies or dancing.

Stay clear of the booze
Alcohol and punch that tastes like alcohol, is a definite no-no for prom night. It’s easier to have fun and think clearly if you stay in control of yourself.

Ensure that ‘prom night’ doesn’t become ‘wrong night’.