Stay Away from Make Up Blunders

wrong-eyeliner-shades If you wear make up in the right manner then you will surely earn several compliments for your great looks. However, when you try to overdo or just imitate others while wearing make up then you can end up becoming laughing stock. If you want to avoid the make up mistakes that others commonly make then you should know about them.

Wrong Eyeliner Shades

Next time you apply make up, make sure that you don’t follow fashion trends blindly. Eye make up can make or mar your looks. Stay away from anything that has traces of blue in it. If you are lured by models and celebrities who wear blue eyeliner and blue kohl then beware of the dangers. Your dark circles will become more prominent if you use blue, navy blue, grayish blue or dark blue eyeliners.

Don’t use any color that does not compliment your face or complexion. You will never look good if you try to do that. If you want to change from a black liner then you can settle for liners in shades such as bronze and chestnut. Warm shades always work for the eyes.

Say No to Blue Eye Shadow

Again, while wearing eye shadow you should remember that opting for the old days is not a good choice. You cannot wear blue eye shadow only because it was popular in the sixties. In this age, style is about looking good and feeling confident. You can consult a beautician to find out that shades and suit your skin tone. You should look like a dream and not like a nightmare.

Smile and Blush

It is fine to wear blush but if you wear too much of it then you can look clownish. You should wear blush in such a manner that it makes you look natural. So before wearing your lipstick or eye shadow you should wear blush. If it looks too dark then you can dust some face powder over it to soften the color.


  • I really like it when a girl applies only light makeup. Natural look is better.

  • ishita

    i like bhue has got nothing 2 do wid da 60’ eye shadow when applied properly looks v good.

  • ishita

    blue eyemake up i mean