Sprint Brings New Eco-Friendly Chargers and Cell Phone Case

Sprint Brings New Eco-Friendly Chargers Sprint is among the growing number of corporate houses committed to reduce the carbon footprints on our planet. It is the first telecommunication company in the USA to announce its intention in public to launch recyclable devices. After launching the green phone, Samsung Reclaim, the first handset in US to be made with corn-based bio plastic, Sprint has recently added more eco friendly accessories to its green accessories line.

All-in-One Vehicle and Wall Charger
The $39.99 priced All-in-One charger can simultaneously charge two different devices. It sports an inline USB port, which can be connected either to the 12V DC power supply of your car or to any standard 110V wall socket to charge your cell phone, and also talk on the device at the same time. A mini USB cable is also included with the All-in-One charger to charge Bluetooth headset or any other portable device. The All-in-One charger strictly adheres to the Energy Star norms. Sprint has introduced this environment friendly charger primarily for BlackBerry Curve 8350i users. It can also work with most of the Sprint BlackBerry and Motorola smartphones.

This charger will be available in the green section of Sprint’s retail stores.

You can also purchase it online from the green accessories section of Sprint’s official website.

New Solio solar charger
An improved version of the solar powered Solio charger will also be introduced in the Sprint retail stores from early October. This charger has the option of charging the battery of your mobile devices from either sunlight or electricity.

Eco-Friendly Universal Cases
Sprint has introduced an environment friendly pouch for cell phones. The brown or tan colored phone case is made out of cotton and linen fibers. The internal lining of the pouch is made with jersey cotton. Metals have been excluded from the case. Velcro fasteners have been fitted to hold your phone safely in the pouch. All the materials used in the pouch are recyclable. The eco friendly Universal Case costs $19.99. It can be bought from the Sprint retail stores or online from Sprint’s website.