Spring Fashion

Time has finally arrived for us to bid adieu to winter and welcome the spring. As the last flakes of snow begin to melt, we will start dressing up for spring. Inspired by the fashion trend of the runaways, here’s what you should have in your wardrobe this spring.

Spring fashion – dresses

Spring is time for some leggy fashion. This spring the usual boy shorts or boy pants have shrunk further upwards, revealing more of your legs. As the shorts are becoming shorter, socks are becoming longer. You can pull the socks not only up to your knees, but also even above your knees this spring. For people on a tight budget, nothing could be better than converting your old jeans into a pair of ripped jeans.

After a brief hiatus, ripped or shredded jeans are once again back on the fashion street. For a formal evening party, you could don a seductive high split dress. To give an ethnic touch to your garments, you can opt for the warrior fashion trend. The leather tunics sporting ancient warrior motifs and metal plating is a popular fashion trend this spring. To protect yourself from the early morning or late night chill, you can find comfort in the boyfriend blazer.

Spring fashion – colors

Earthy tones will be fashionable this spring. Violet and green seem to be the favorite colors this season. You can even go for different shades of pink, blue or brown. White is always fashionable, and you would see plenty of white silk dresses this spring. Yellow is always a popular color of the spring. It will remain a prominent color even in this spring.

Spring fashion –jewelry

Bright and dazzling precious and semiprecious stones and crystals will be fashionable this spring. Rose quartz, peridot, blue lace agate, tourmaline and blue topaz would be popular this season. Chandelier earrings will make you look gorgeous and trendy. Oversized bangles and heavy chains will be part of the spring jewelry fashion.

Spring fashion – accessories

Leather will be the most popular material this season. From oversized boy bags to the straps of watches, all your accessories should be made of leather.