Spiced Tea

Spiced Tea

Spiced tea is originated from India and is now very popular in western countries. In addition to its great taste it is also having great health benefits. You may get spiced tea chai in tea and coffee houses in western countries. If you have problem with milk or if you have lactose intolerance then you can also use soy milk for making spiced tea.

Even low fat milk can be used. It is very easy to make and here are the steps to make spiced milk tea. You can try this at your home.


Cardamom pods – ten
Or grounded cardamom seeds of about half teaspoon
Cinnamon stick – one stick
White peppercorns – four
Fennel seeds – quarter teaspoon
Whole milk – two cups
Light brown sugar – three and a half tablespoon
Ground ginger – half teaspoon
Water – two cups
Black tea or loose orange pekoe – five teaspoon


Take cardamom seeds, one cinnamon stick, four white pepper corns and ¼ teaspoon fennel seeds and grind them with the help of a spice grinder or mortar. Get a heavy sauce pan and to this add two cups of milk and keep it in low flame. Add brown sugar, grounded spices, grounded ginger and a pinch of salt to add taste. Keep the flame low itself and stir the contents for about three minutes. This may help to blend the flavor very well. In the mean time take two cups of water in another sauce pan and boil it and then add five teaspoon of tea to this water. Allow it to boil for about a minute.

Now add the tea to the milk through a sieve having fine mesh and throw out the tea leaves. Cook the spiced tea chai  for about a minute and stir it well and serve hot.

You can take this after having a heavy meal and the spices that are included in the tea make the digestive system smooth. This tea will be a refreshing one and you can take this if you want to remain awake at night. It will impart a feeling of goodness and freshness and help you to get rid of the tiredness.