Sony Launches Vaio W Netbooks

sony-launches-vaio-w-netbooks A new line of Vaio brand netbook has been introduced by Sony. The W series netbook launched by Sony is targeting customers, who prefer a secondary PC for casual computing tasks, including web surfing, connecting to social network sites or checking emails.

Sony Vaio W features
Sony Vaio W has a sleek design. It measures 32.4mm (height) x 267.8mm (width) x 179.6mm (depth) and weighs 1.19kg. Sony has dubbed the Vaio W series as its mini netbook series. The lightweight design enhances the portability of the netbook, enabling you to carry it anywhere inside or outside your home and office. The design of Vaio W is meant to attract members of an entire family. It is available in three colors – berry pink, sugar white and cocoa brown. While women and children would adore the berry pink and sugar white colors, men would definitely prefer the coco brown colored Vaio W model.

The 10.1-inch widescreen display is aptly designed for exhibiting web pages without side scrolling. You can expect good image quality comparable to your desktop PC, since the LED backlit display of Vaio W is capable of supporting images of 1366×768-pixel resolution. Despite the slim design, the keyboard is easy to use. The responsive keys are designed for comfortable typing. The touch pad is also comfortable for your fingers. Vaio W is powered by Intel 1.66GHz Processor. It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, has 160GB storage capacity and 1GB RAM.

The Vaio Multimedia Suite integrated in every model of the W series netbook, offers users a collection of photo and video editing tools. No longer will you need to spend your money on a good quality photo and video editing software, for producing your home videos and slideshows. For video chatting, Vaio W features built-in motion eye webcam and microphone. Presence of two USB ports ensures easy connectivity to cell phones, printers, USB flash memory, cameras and a number of other compatible devices. The preloaded Vaio Media will allow you to stream videos, audios and photos, stored in your computer, to compatible televisions, home entertainment system or PlayStation 3. Vaio W will be shipped with Windows XP Home operating system.

Eco-friendly netbook
Being Energy Star 5.0 compliant, Vaio W meets the energy guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. The LED backlit of the display is free from mercury.

Price of Vaio W will start from $499.99.