Sony Launches New E-Readers – Reader Touch Edition & Reader Pocket Edition

reader-touch-edition-prs-60 Although e-books have not yet hijacked the popularity of paper books, but nonetheless, the demand for e-books is steadily rising. Taking advantage of the rising interest in e-books, new models of e-readers are arriving in the market. Sony is one of the leading players in the e-reader sector. In its effort to consolidate and expand its e-reader customer base, Sony has introduced two new e-reader models – Reader Touch Edition and Reader Pocket Edition.

Reader Touch Edition PRS-600
This Sony e-reader features a touch screen 800 x 600-pixel resolution display, which could be navigated with a stylus or finger. If you want to take notes, you can either type with the help of the virtual keyboard of the reader or use the stylus pen to take handwritten notes. Later you can take printouts of your notes. You can also export your notes to your PC. The font could be changed to five different sizes. Reader Touch Edition will be the first Sony e-reader to feature an integrated Oxford American English Dictionary. This Sony e-reader has 440MB storage space, which is enough space for storing nearly 350 standard sized e-books. External storage could be expanded with memory cards. Reader Touch Edition supports Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, EPUB and BBeB files. The battery life of this Sony e-reader is up to two weeks. It will be available in black, silver and red colors.

Reader Touch Edition will be available from the end of this month and will cost $299.

Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300
This Sony E-reader boasts a 5-inch E-ink electronic paper display. It supports 800 x 600 pixel images. The font sized could be adjusted to three different sizes. Reader Pocket Edition has 440MB internal storage space and up to two weeks of battery life. It supports Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, BBeB and EPUB files.

Reader Pocket Edition will cost $199 and will be available in rose, blue and silver editions.

Both the Sony e-readers are not wireless devices. Therefore, to download e-books, you have to connect these e-readers to your PC.

Sony e-book prices
To give Amazon’s e-books some tough competition, Sony has also reduced the price of its best sellers and new releases to $9.99.