Sony Ericsson Unveils Two Eco-friendly phones – C901 GreenHeart and Naite

c901-greenheart-and-naite Sony Ericsson has joined the rank of the growing number of gadget makers from around the world, striving to make our planet greener. Cell phones are often blamed for contributing to pollution. Churning out eco friendly cell phones, have emerged as a major challenge for cell phone makers. After Nokia, Samsung and Motorola, Sony Ericsson has unveiled its two environment friendly handsets – C901 GreenHeart and Naite.

C901 GreenHeart
At least 50 percent of C901 GreenHeart’s body will be made out of recycled plastic. Waterborne paint with minimal level of volatile organic compounds or VOC will be used for painting the handset. The light sensor of the cell phone’s screen has been designed to optimize energy consumption. Instead of traveling by car, if you walk to your nearby destinations on foot, you can help reduce environmental pollution. With the WalkMate app, preinstalled in C901 GreenHeart phone, you can count the steps taken to cover distances compared to traveling by car. The GreenHeart handsets will be sold in small packages to decrease air pollution related to transportations. To save the precious trees of our planet, paper usage will be reduced by replacing paper user manuals by electronic user manuals.

Like most other Sony Ericsson smart phones, GreenHeart has a high-end camera. The 5-mega pixel camera comes with Xenon flash, face detection, Smile Shutter, Best Pic and Photo Fix. GreenHeart will also feature MP3 player, 3D and motion gaming, 120MB memory storage capability with memory stick for memory expansion. GreenHeart will be available in the second quarter of 2009.

Just like GreenHeart, Sony Ericsson Naite handset is also made from recycled plastic. It will be shipped with a low power charger. It will have electronic manual in the place of paper user manual. The Ecomate application preinstalled in the phones will act as a Carbon Footprint Calculator. It will help to make environment friendly choices in your daily life, and will count the amount of energy saved by walking instead of using your car.

Naite is equipped with a 2-mega pixel digital camera with 2.5x zoom and PhotoFix feature. It has MP3 player, 3D gaming, and 100MB internal memory with microSD for memory expansion. Naite will be available in the third quarter of 2009.