Sony Ericsson Unveils The Gesture Gaming Phone -Yari

gaming-phone-yari Cell phone gaming has attained a new dimension with the newly launched Sony Ericsson Yari. You do not have to push buttons to move objects on your cell phone screen. The Gesture gaming technology of Sony Ericsson Yari will enable players to play, by standing in front of the phone’s camera and moving the body to play the game, similar to playing games in the real world.

Yari is packed with games to suit different temperaments. Although, gesture gaming is the unique feature of this Sony Ericsson phone, but it also has several preloaded motion games, where you move your phone to play the game, and standard 3D games, such as FIFA10. Yari features a gaming carousel, which will give users the opportunity to download games from the desktop PC. You can also access games from PlayNow.

Besides motion gaming, Sony Ericsson has several high-end multimedia features. Its 5-mega pixel camera makes Yari a great camera phone. This phone flaunts up to 4x Digital Zoom, smile detection, face detection, video recording, video light, photo light, photo fix, geo tagging, photo feeds, picture and video blogging and auto focus. It seems that with Yari, your desire for a separate digital camera will cease.

The music player of Yari provides easy access to your favorite music track. Yari will allow you to enjoy a favorite song with your friend while talking, by simply pressing the music call button. The music player is equipped with stereo speakers with Bluetooth. For flawless music, Yari is fitted with Mega Bass, Shake control, PlayNow, Track ID and SenseMe.

Access Net Front web browser provides instant access to the internet. With web feeds, you can keep track of the latest news on the move.

Other important features of Sony Ericsson Yari includes up to 10 hours of talk time, up to 450 hours of standby time, up to 60MB memory, San Disk micro SD memory card support and auto rotate capability.