Solar Nails – Artificial Nails With French Manicure

If you lack the confidence to step out of your house flaunting your not so attractive natural nails, you can wear artificial nails. Artificial nails come in various shapes and sizes. They are made with different types of materials. Although acrylic nails are the most popular choice for most women craving for fake nails, solar nails, despite their higher price tag, has emerged as a better alternative to conventional acrylic nails.

Solar nails

Solar nails closely resemble the natural nails. The white tip and the pink nail bed of the artificial nail will remind you of an exorbitant French manicure. The solar nail application kit is comprised of liquid and powder components.

Solar nail application

Before fixing the artificial nail on the nail plate, all traces of nail polish, stain and dirt are removed from the surface of the natural nail. The nail is rubbed with a nail buffer to even ridges. The solar nail is then adhered on the natural nail. The solar nail application process consists of two steps. First, the entire nail is brushed with the white part. In the second step, the white nail bed is colored with the pink part.

Benefits of solar nail

Despite the exorbitant price of a solar nails, these fake nails are healthier and more durable than acrylic nails. Compared with most artificial nails, solar nails require minimal refilling. To retain the appearance of the French manicure of your solar nail, you need to refill the fake nails once in every three weeks. Moreover, it is not necessary to apply nail polish on these artificial nails. The French manicure like appearance gives the nail the desired shine and glow that makes nail polish application redundant.

You can be your true self while wearing solar nails. You need not worry about breaking these artificial nails. Solar nail adheres tightly to the nail plate, minimizing risk of breakage. In addition, these nails need minimal care. They do not turn yellow when exposed to the sunlight for a prolonged period. You can bask in the sun or walk into a tanning salon with the solar nails stuck on your nail plate.