Social stress: causes and coping methods

People in medical and research fields as well as the nonprofessionals use the word ‘stress’ quite commonly; for the latter, it’s quite normal to use phrases like ‘stressed out’ and ‘stress buster’, with real meaning or merely for dramatic effect.

Stress is an inevitable and significant component of an increasingly fast-paced urban society. Social stress is nothing but a condition that results from the pressures of living in this society. People must interact with each other as they form part of a large group. Certain norms dictate these interactions and compliance with these norms is essential for a peaceful social life. Non-compliance, however, leads to social stress.

The norms might be quite superficial but people feel a need to belong, a natural human tendency, and hence end up following them, willingly or unwillingly. For example, attractive appearances are considered important to make an impression. What is on the inside is more important, but since this is not evident in a first meet, looks become a priority. People who consider themselves overweight or unattractive suffer from social stress, as they may be unable to meet social expectations.

Money is another important factor that causes social stress. A thinner pay denotes that a particular person is less important than one who draws a fat income. While this is not true, being rich is a top priority with many. The struggle and possible failure to follow the monetary norm of society leads to social stress.

Youth suffer from social stress for entirely different reasons. While money and looks play an important role in the lives of youngsters, there are also peer pressures and bullies to face.

Dealing with social stress requires the willingness to adopt a positive attitude towards life. Denial, depression and distresses are three d’s to avoid at all costs. Face the problem and find ways to solve it.

Alternatively, one can strengthen oneself to manage the stress without experiencing the anxiety to adapt. Establishing strong friendships and relationships, indulging in hobbies and pastimes, meditation and inner reflection are few ways to cope with social stress.

Live peacefully and stress-less-ly!