Snow white – wearing white clothes

white-gurls Wearing white does not mean you’ll look like a bride. Mostly, women avoid wearing white clothes as taking care of them is difficult. However, if worn correctly and for the right occasion, white attire can make you look stylish and stunning.

Wear white clothes if they suit your skin tone. Some people may look too pale in white shades. These can opt for white accessories like watches, sandals, bags, scarves, hats etc.

Wearing white to a wedding is against proper etiquette. Remember the bride wears white and it is her day after all. So avoid becoming the object of everyone’s attention for the wrong reasons.

White rules the body

Shirts, pants or dresses in white should be of a good quality material. Make sure that they are not transparent; wearing sheer white clothes can be a major fashion faux pas. Also, avoid wearing white underwear under white clothes. Select those that match the color of your skin.

All in white

The all white look is stylish provided it is worn correctly with the right accessories. A white t-shirt with white trousers, capris or a knee-length white cotton skirt can look great.

Avoid wearing white shoes or sandals with white clothes. Instead select something colorful, or in shades of gold, silver or brown. Bracelets, chains and earrings in varied colors look splendid on white clothes.

White and black

White is one of the colors that can be worn with many different shades. Try varied combinations of white and black, white and blue, and white and red (ideal for Christmas!)

Dress in white

A white dress has a casual, summer-like feel, free and easy. Avoid wearing a dress that is too tight or form-fitting. Select one of a good fabric that fits well. A dress that has a flowing skirt gives an elegant look.

When not to wear

White should be worn on special occasions where you know there’s less chance of it becoming soiled or stained. Also, stay away from water as your white garments can get translucent on becoming wet.

Dazzle and brighten the day with the brilliance of white!