Smooth Skin with Botanicals

skin-with-botanicals If you want to tone and firm your skin then you can easily use botanical extracts. Many plants have certain ingredients that help in keeping skin smooth, supple, and young. Thus, you should make the best use of these plants that have anti-aging properties.

According to physicians, botanicals offer excellent sources for those ingredients that help in rejuvenating, protecting as well as repairing skin. Many fruits, leaves, and nuts have vitamins and antioxidants and can be used to make very good emollients. You can use them to prevent sagging of skin. Now you can enhance your skin’s radiance with the best botanicals.

Acai Berry for Younger Skin

Acai berries have excellent emollients like phyto-sterols and essential fatty acids, which assist in trapping in moisture and making your skin tighter and softer. These Brazilian berries really work like magic for keeping your skin young and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Brown spots will also disappear with the usage of this berry. It can fight free radicals that make your skin age faster. You can also fight premature aging of skin by using acai berry extract. You can settle for face masks that have acai berry.

Bearberry for Brightening Skin

Bearberry is another berry that works wonderfully to brighten skin. Bearberry leaves have an ingredient known as arbutin that helps in reducing the production of melanin that produces skin pigment. Bearberry may be mild but it is surely very effective. Now you can keep dark spots and pigmentation at bay by using bearberry extract.

Red Tea for Relieving Itchiness

Red tea is a kind of tea that grows in South Africa. If you brew tea from these leaves then you can use it to reduce facial flushing and relieve itchiness of skin. The leaves are rich in anti-inflammatory properties and thus the tea is good for those who suffer from facial inflammation.