Smart home solution from Nokia

nokia_homecontrolcentre Nokia has launched a smart home solution that helps people to manage their appliances, electronics, entertainment, security and climate control system form the mobile. It has changed human life by enabling human to control everything form the tip of his finger. The product name is Home Control Center solution. This is a Linux based system and has integrated all the advanced technologies to be used easily at home.

This system has an easy and unified user interface that can be accessed by not only mobile phones but web browsers also. So anyone can control all the household items form a browser sitting anywhere in the world. People are now in a world of fantasy about how it made human life so cozy and comfortable. This system uses technologies like Wi-Fi, GSM, GRPS and Z-Wave wireless connectivity

Another important thing about this equipment is that it has a strong remote access capability, which gives easy and error free access to this device form office, car and even while traveling abroad. This system has also expansions for web, media and email servers for its efficient use. This product will be launched form Europe and people are still amazed, how an infrared and a flat panel TV are integrated in this system so easily.

The most important quality of the device, which the people all over the world admired, is its capability to control the security policy of the house. If we lock our doors and windows and someone tries to open it, the device would give an alarm and take the picture of the person who tries to enter the house. It has a strong home lock system which is not so easy to break. It has also some more capabilities like home automation system, auto curtain and home backup system. Therefore, we find that all the useful features of housekeeping have been integrated on one device.