Small town wedding

Small town wedding A wedding in a small town doesn’t necessarily mean a small wedding. A big and beautiful wedding can be organized in a small town with sufficient planning and preparation. While the options may be different from those in a big city, a small town location offers its own unique features.

Natural beauty is abundant in most small towns – the trees, the lakes, gardens, parks, hills etc. Having even one of these features can be beneficial for planning an elegant wedding. Renting the necessary equipment for your wedding may also be cheaper than in a city.

One can also use local talent to enhance various aspects of the wedding. It is often the case that everyone knows everyone’s business and a wedding is sure to create a lot of excitement. Friends and neighbors could pitch in to help out with the cake, menu, photography or wedding gown.

Firstly, you’ll need to fix a location. Your own home and backyard can be first choice, depending on the size of your wedding guest list. An outdoor wedding may be ruined if the town is prone to sudden weather changes. If the weather holds, you can also have the wedding in the town square.

Inns, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, country clubs, etc are other options available for weddings in a small town. Most of these will already be well-decorated so you’ll save plenty on décor. If the location has a pool or lake, you can hold part of the wedding at the pool or lakeside. Inns and B&Bs are ideal for weddings where most of the guests are coming from out of town.

A small town offers much opportunity for activities before, after and during the wedding. Some of the guests may like a tour of the town or a stroll along the hills or lakes. Especially if the guests are out-of-towners and arrive 2-3 days before the wedding, recreational activities are needed.

Flowers and pretty linen will enhance the beauty of the location. Organize a brunch for the guests on the day after the wedding and keep the merriment going.