Small Kitchen Design

It could be quite difficult to work in a small kitchen space. However, with some ingenious designs you can make your small kitchen appear spacious. Irrespective of its size, a well-designed kitchen will have adequate storage as well as work space.

Here are some tips for designing small kitchens :

Small kitchen design – storage

To create a sense of space, you should include the right storage devices in your kitchen. Island layouts are usually suitable for small kitchen areas. By placing the working area at the center of the kitchen, an island kitchen layout provides ample storage space an either sides of the kitchen. Moreover, the island, besides functioning as the working area, could double as storage device. The space below the worktop could be used for storage.

You should make use of most of the available space around the working area for storing your cooking utensils and culinary ingredients. You might need a ladder to access the cabinets close to the kitchen ceiling, but it is always advisable to make best use of every available space for storage in a small kitchen. To save time finding items tucked in the kitchen cabinets, you can consider installing kitchen cabinets with glass doors.

Small kitchen layouts

As mentioned above, island layout is ideal for small kitchens. You can even have enough storage and working space in U-shaped kitchens. To provide some extra traffic area, you can opt for L-shaped kitchen. Due to minimal storage space, some people consider galley kitchen designs unsuitable for small kitchen areas. Nonetheless, you can increase the storage space in two-way galley kitchens by placing appliances and cabinets against the opposite walls of the kitchen.

Space saving appliances

Compact space saving appliances could easily fit into small kitchens. Opt for small sized appliances that are not only easy to handle but they will also occupy minimal kitchen space. You can consider buying appliances that could be hung from beneath the kitchen cabinets.


Proper lighting can help to create a sense of space in a small kitchen. In small kitchens, small lights should be installed below cabinets. Lighting could be even hung under the counter.