Slug Control-Keep Slugs Away From Your Garden

Slugs are a common menace in gardens. These creatures could easily damage your plants. You can use pesticides to kill these creatures, which usually hide under the leaves of your garden plants. However, if you prefer organic gardening methods, you can opt for non-toxic Slug control techniques.

Slug Control Tips

Handpicking slugs
Handpicking slugs is a tedious process. If a large number of slugs have invaded your garden, you can handpick the unwanted creatures in your garden. For best results, go on a slug-hunting trip after sunset, preferably two hours after sunset. Carry tongs and a flashlight to locate the pests in your garden.

Fill small cans with beer. Dig holes in your garden and place the beer-filled cans in the holes. The top of cans should be at the ground level. You can even place beer bottles on their sides in your garden. On the nest day, you will find the slugs drowned in the beer in the cans or bottles.

The smell of the beer attracts slugs to the beer cans and bottles. After drinking a little beer, these creatures become disoriented. They fail to move out of the beer can, drowning themselves in the beer filled cans or bottles.

You can kill slugs by spraying saline solutions on the creatures. However, you can use salt for killing pests in your garden occasionally. Excess salt might harm your garden plants.

Plant barrier
Certain plants such as garlic, ginger, fennel, mint, sage, red lettuce, chicory, red cabbage could repel slugs from your garden. To keep slugs away from your garden, plant these slug repelling plants along the boundary of your garden.

To keep slugs away from the precious plants in your garden, you can even consider planting plants that slugs love such as marigold, cabbage, zinnia, bean and green lettuce.

Barrier with abrasive materials
To keep slugs away from your garden plants sprinkle crushed eggshells, ash, wood shavings or sand around your garden plants. Make sure that these substances are dry. After rain, add fresh dry abrasive substances in your garden.

Copper barrier
Slugs could not tolerate copper. Install copper barriers by circling your plants with copper wires.