Skin Care With Salt Scrub

Your skin care schedule remains incomplete in the absence of a good body scrub. The abrasive agent in a scrub aids skin exfoliation, removing the dead skin cells accumulating on the surface of the skin, and exposing the layer of younger skin cells. Exfoliation makes your skin softer, smoother and blemish free.

Salt is a popular ingredient in body scrub recipes. The mild abrasive property of salt helps to remove the dead skin naturally without harming your delicate skin. Moreover, the antiseptic property of salt helps to cure several minor skin infections and acne.

Salt body scrub recipes

To make salt body scrub you need a cup of salt. If you have sensitive skin, use fine sea salt. Standard iodized salts might be too harsh for your skin. Mix the salt with ½ cup of olive oil. If you are willing to spend some extra bucks, you can use almond oil. Add ten to twelve drops of a good quality essential oil to the body scrub, and your salt body scrub is ready to use.

The above salt body scrub recipe is suitable for both your facial and body skins. It is especially suitable for people with delicate or sensitive skin. However, to remove stubborn dark marks on your elbows and ankles you can make a scrub by blending one tablespoon of kosher salt with two tablespoons of limejuice. You can also use body scrub made with coarse salt as foot scrub.

To nourish your skin while scrubbing, you can add one or more skin friendly herbal extracts to the salt body scrub. Lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, chamomile and mandarin extract or essential oil could be added to the salt scrub recipe. Rosehip oil or rose water could be used as an ingredient in your salt body scrub recipe. Rosehip is one of the best sources of vitamin C. This antioxidant vitamin could delay skin aging. For fading skin discoloration, you can add a citrus fruit juice such as lemon or orange juice or tomato juice in the salt scrub. Mashed avocado, banana and honey could enhance the quality of your salt body scrub.