Skin Care With Fruit Acids

skin-care-with-fruit-acids Natural fruit acids are extremely good for the skin. They help in skin exfoliation, reduce blemishes and retard the aging process. Several skin care products contain fruit acid as an important ingredient. Fruit juices are the best sources of fruit acids.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid
Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) is the main component of fruit acids. By naturally removing the dead cells from the skin, AHA helps to arrest the aging process. Alpha Hydroxy Acid is widely prevalent in fruits in the form of glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid and tartaric acid.

Citric acid
Citrus fruits such as lemons, orange and grapes are sources of citric acids. It protects the skin from the free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for accelerating the aging process of the skin. Environmental toxins are the largest sources of free radicals. This vitamin C rich fruit acid is a powerful antioxidant agent. The antioxidant action of citric acid inhibits oxidation of free radicals. Moreover, by stimulating collagen production, appearance of wrinkles is halted by citric acid. The mild bleaching action of citric acid is also beneficial for removing skin pigmentation and blemishes. However, citric acid is not useful for skin exfoliation.

Glycolic acid
Glycolic acid is best suited for skin exfoliation. Owing to the small size of its molecule, glycolic acid easily penetrates the skin. It dissolves the glue that attaches the dead cells to the surface of the skin, thereby shedding the dead skins. Removal of dead cells from the skin surface facilitates growth of new cells. Exfoliation also prevents dark spots and blemishes that are often signs of aging of the skin. Frequent exfoliation with glycolic acid, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic acid also prevents the aging skin from drying. It also acts as mild bleach. Sugarcane juice is a good source of glycolic acid.

Lactic acid
Lactic acid is present in milk, sour cream and yogurt. It is also found in tomatoes and blackberries. This is used as a skin cleanser. It is used for removing dirt and grime from the deep pores of your skin. People with dry skin can also apply lactic acid for moisturizing their skin.


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