Skin Care With Chocolate

Skin Care With Chocolate Chocolates are not only delicacies that we always look for an excuse to savor, but it can also be used for skin care. Many beauty salons and spas worldwide use dark chocolate for skin care. Dark chocolate is a powerful antioxidant.

Studies have confirmed that the unsweetened dark chocolate is wonderful for the health. Use of dark chocolates for skin care has also produced fantastic results, making chocolate a popular product for skin beautification.

Good for dry skin
Applying dark chocolate on your skin helps to make it smooth. Cocoa butter present in chocolate makes the skin soft and supple. Chocolate facial and face packs are considered beneficial for people with dry skin.

Reduces aging
Chocolate facial can reduce the signs of aging. Dark chocolate is a powerful antioxidant. The flavonoids present in cocoa prevents skin damage caused by free radicals. Environmental pollution, toxins in foods in the form of preservatives and food additives and mental stress increase the flow of free radicals in the body. Our body needs powerful antioxidants to inhibit oxidation of the free radicals. Dark chocolate is one such antioxidant product, whose antioxidant strength is comparable to popular antioxidants such as green tea. Frequent dark chocolate facial can delay aging of skin. It could prevent appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Its antioxidant property could also promote growth of new skin cells.

Drinking dark chocolate drink
Besides chocolate face packs, having a cup of unsweetened dark chocolate drink can also make your skin glow with health. Consumption of dark chocolate could be a part of your skin care routine. Compared to chocolate facials, intake of dark chocolates will undoubtedly produce better results.

According to studies, regular consumption of chocolate drinks, containing about 326mg of flavanols, could protect your skin from the harmful effects of the ultra violet rays of the sun. Dark chocolate drinks reduce sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. It also improves blood circulation, producing improved skin texture and complexion. Dark chocolate reduces skin dryness and scaling. It works as a natural moisturizer, making the skin more hydrated.