Skin Care During Pregnancy

Skin Care During Pregnancy The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy affect most organs of your body, including your skin. During pregnancy, noticeable changes will appear on your skin, some of which are good, whereas others are not worth appreciating. The increase in blood circulation in your entire body, including your skin will make your skin glow. Often the skin of pregnant women appears more hydrated and softer. The oil secretion tends to decrease, making your once pimple prone skin free from those ugly lesions. Nonetheless, at times new skin problems might develop during pregnancy. Hormonal changes in the body could worsen the skin pigmentation, some areas of the skin might become drier and acne might increase. Skin care during this time would help to get rid of most of your skin problems.

Skin care
During pregnancy, you should choose your skin care products with utmost care. Several ingredients present in the skin care products might be harmful for the growing fetus. Even certain herbs present in herbal products might be hazardous for your unborn child. Herbs such as aloe vera, which are otherwise good for the skin, should be avoiding by pregnant women. Intake of this herb could trigger uterine contraction, causing miscarriage. Although, it is not clear whether topical application of aloe gel could produce uterine contraction, it is advisable to avoid such herbal skin care products during pregnancy. Using baby soaps and baby lotions could be a safer skin care option for pregnant women. Select skin care products and makeup that are free from salicylic acids and retinoid.

Skin pigmentation
If blemishes were present on your skin before pregnancy, they might appear bigger and darker during pregnancy. The vulnerable areas of your skin, especially the skin under your eyes, in your armpits and thighs might appear darker. You will find a dark line, known as linea nigra, developing on your abdominal skin. Exposure to sunlight tends to worsen the skin discolorations.

Always use a sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn. In addition, wear sun protective clothing, sunglasses and sun hat or use an umbrella to protect your skin from the sun. Sunscreens such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that do not penetrate the skin are usually safe for pregnant women.


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