Sinusitis – An infection of the sinus cavities

sinus-cavities Sinusitis is a kind of disease in which the sinus cavities are infected by bacteria or some kind of allergy. There are many different kinds of sinus cavities in the body and sinusitis occurs if any one of them gets infected.

Sinus cavities are small air pockets in and around our nose and eyes and in our fore head, which helps to filter and warm the air we breath in. There are three types of sinuses found in the body, these rare- frontal sinus, – which resides in the forehead, ethmoidal air cells– which is near the eyes and maxillary sinus – which is near the nose. When these are infected with bacteria, the cavities get swollen and become the destination of fluid and mucus, which causes congestion, headache, pain and sinus pressure, runny nose etc. This disease is more common to the children.

The most important thing for a sinusitis patient is to correctly follow the doctor’s instructions. There are certain types of antibiotics that are given by the doctors to reduce the infection. This dosage should be followed regularly and correctly. The patient should follow the full instruction as there in the prescription even if the patient feels better in one or two days, because if the treatment remain incomplete then the infection may attack once more after a few days. If the symptoms still persists after the treatment, then make sure to contact your doctor immediately.

Here are some home remedies that could prevent the disease. The first one is consuming lots of mangoeshelps to fight the disease. Mangoes contain Vitamin A, which is very good for the infection. You can also eat lots of garlic and onions everyday in your daily meals to keep away form the disease, there is one more treatment using cumin seeds, which reduces the disease to a great extent.