Simple wedding favors

wedding favors One should never underestimate the simple joys of life. Even significant events like weddings can be celebrated in a simple way. With a little out-of-the-box thinking, a simple wedding on a small budget is possible.

Simple weddings mean that you have to keep all the elements of the reception and ceremony simple. Giving wedding favors is a common tradition at weddings and can burn a big hole in your pocket along with all the other costs involved in planning a wedding.

Continue reading to get few ideas for simple wedding favors.

Edible treats
Wedding favors don’t always have to be showpieces or wall art meant to be preserved as mantelpiece decoration. If anyone in the family has the skills of a potential master chef, then a delicious package of goodies makes for a great favor.

You can compile a basket of homemade chocolate, freshly ground coffee, jam or fudge and pack it with cellophane paper. Attach a handwritten card carrying a message for your guests or a thank you.

Music of the heart
If music is your passion, make the most of it and create personalized wedding favors. Compile a list of your favorite romantic music – themes, songs, timeless songs. Think beyond the popular hits and surprise your guests with tunes they may never have heard but are sure to love.

Picture perfect memory
It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Memories preserved in photographs provide many occasions to take happy trips down memory lane.

Select a considerable number of such pictures and compile them in a CD or photo album. Caption each picture with a sentence describing the circumstance in which it was taken. You can also include pictures of popular destinations you’ve visited.

Some other ideas for simple wedding favors include scented soaps and candles, coffee mugs, eco-friendly bags, white bowls filled with candy etc. Enhance the beauty of your wedding favors by decorating them with the colors or style of your wedding theme.