Simple home remedies for stress

Stressed businesswoman Stress implies to the harm caused to the body or brain due to extensive pressure in the mind. Due to stress many other diseases such as peptic ulcer, diabetes, headache and heart disease may occur.


Stress affects both the body and mind. The brain and nervous system become very active when a person is undergoing stressful period. The eye pupils also dilute, indigestion occurs, the heart starts pumping faster, blood pressure increases, sweating starts due to the release of the adrenaline hormones in the body. These changes take place instantly, but if stress is controlled immediately then these do not cause any harm to the body.

Stress also causes anemia, bad temper, feeling of frustration, more and more alcoholic intake, domestic conflict etc.


The causes of stress can be found outside or within the environment of the body. Some of the external factors include loud noises, strong light, extreme heat or cold, other types of strong medicines and chemicals, inadequate nutrients etc. The other general factors include fear envy or jealousy.

Simple home remedies

Basil leaves, which are considered holy in India can be used as an anti stress agent. If a person chews 12 basil leaves twice a day daily then stress can be prevented.

Sage leaves can be used to prepare a tea which helps to protect against stress. The dried leaves of this miracle plant should be poured into a cup of boiling water and then mixed. The solution is allowed to cool and then honey is added for taste. This substance acts as a very good agent for recovering from stress.

Some of the important food items that have the nutrients for getting rid of stress are yoghurt, blackstrap molasses, seeds, and sprouts. Yogurt is a rich source of vitamin A, d and B complex. Yogurt helps in insomnia, migraine and issues related to menstruation.