Silver celebration: planning for a 25th wedding anniversary

25-wed-anniversary The silver jubilee is an important landmark in a married couple’s life. It is a momentous occasion that calls for celebration. Planning for this event can be a tough task as there are many important decisions to be made.

Mostly, the silver jubilee anniversary party is planned for their parents by the children, with the help of relatives. The anniversary party can be a small intimate gathering or a large function, depending on the budget.

Guest list

Consult the couple about who they would like to invite to the party. However, if you’re planning a surprise party, this can be quite tricky. You may have to invite family, friends, colleagues and close neighbors for a big celebration. A small party, however, can be limited to close family and friends.


This may seem obvious: of course, the anniversary should be celebrated on the day of the anniversary. But consider how many people are free on a weekday if the anniversary falls on a Wednesday? Make sure everyone, including the couple, has no prior plans before setting a date.


Depending on the number of guests, you’ll need a place big enough to accommodate everyone. If the party is being held in the house, keep the couple away so you have time to arrange everything. No, don’t throw them out! Arrange some special outdoor activity for them like lunch in a restaurant or a movie.

Food and drinks

Find a caterer for the party if your guest list is huge. If it’s a causal event, you can have a barbecue or a potluck dinner. Find out about good local caterers who may be less expensive than famous ones. Wine or champagne can be served so everyone can toast to the couple’s good health.


Silver, of course, is the color for a 25th wedding anniversary. But there’s no reason why you can’t have a unique theme. Think about what the couple would like before selecting a theme.

Make their silver jubilee a memorable day for the couple.