Side Effects of Condiments

Condiments Do you know that seasonings that enhance the flavor of your food can also cause harm to your body? Spices are largely packed with beneficial compounds. However, these very compounds can sometimes cause health problems. The genetic makeup of an individual often determines his or her vulnerability to a specific spice. Nonetheless, excess amount of seasoning can damage your health.

Chili flakes
Do you like your food too hot? Sprinkling spoonfuls of chili pepper on your food might make it hot, but it can also cause irritation in the stomach. The hotness of peppers has several health benefits, but only when consumed in small doses. A quarter teaspoon of chili flakes can give you most of the health benefits of this spice. However, if you are not content with small amounts of hot chili peppers, you can increase the risk of damage of your stomach tissues. Hot peppers contain compounds such as piperin, acrid resins and volatile oil that irritate our digestive and urinary tracts.

Vinegar present in condiments can also harm your body. Whether you are using artificial or organic vinegar, nonetheless, all forms of vinegars contain acetic acids. Some form of vinegars might have other ingredients added to acetic acid. Acetic acid increases the risk of stomach and intestine inflammation. Vinegar could damage the stomach lining and blood capillaries. Acetic acid increases the risk of renal tubular necrosis, which damages the kidney tubules. It increases acidity in the stomach, which can stimulate acid reflex. Moreover, vinegar destroys vitamin C.

Nutmeg gives your food a pleasant flavor, but too much nutmeg is bad for your psychological health. It can make you dizzy and disoriented. It can dry the mucous membrane of your mouth, making your mouth dry. Nausea and vomiting are also the side effects of nutmeg intake.

Monosodium glutamate
Monosodium glutamate or MSG an important seasoning ingredient in Chinese cooking causes several adverse reactions. It can trigger headaches, chest pain, facial pressure and even disorientation. MSG can also cause burning sensation, nausea, drowsiness and breathing difficulties.