Showers of blessings-planning a wedding shower

wedding-shower We’ve heard of bridal showers and baby showers but a wedding shower is a party with a difference. It is a co-ed event for the bride and groom before the wedding itself. The wedding shower is not only a fun get-together but also a great gifting opportunity.

Since it is for the bride and groom, the people planning the party should consider their friends’ interests. And since it is a get-together, it would be a good idea to invite close friends and family members of both sides – the bride and the groom.

Getting started
The first step is to settle on a date and place. The wedding planning itself keeps the bridal party busy. Hence, find a suitable time for the wedding shower that doesn’t clash with any important wedding tasks.

It would be better to plan a simple and memorable affair rather a lavish one. You wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, and too much extravagance before the wedding wouldn’t be wise.

Deciding on a place for the shower depends on the kind of party you want to hold. A dinner party can be held in a restaurant or hotel and a brunch or tea can be held at someone’s house.

Settling on a theme
For a successful theme, choose something that the bride and the groom will love. If they both like music, movies or are gourmets, a theme related to their interests would be much appreciated. Once you have a theme, the decorations and menu will be easy to arrange.

Inform the guests about the theme so that they can bring gifts accordingly. A couple buying a new home would love to have gifts that they can use in their house.

Printing invitation cards might be expensive so you can skip this step or try something innovative. Invitations can be mailed through the Internet or handmade (if you have the time). You can also call people personally. Just ensure that everyone RSVPs on time.

Throw in a game or two, music and dancing and you’ve got a wonderful wedding shower ready to roll!