Sex Education for Kids

sex-education-for-kids You may be a bit scary to talk about sex with your kids. Find ways to explain about issues such as birth control, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and abstinence. This would help young teens, who are sexually active, to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancy. This measure won’t encourage them to be sexually active, but help them to take appropriate measures to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STD.

You may seek the help of a doctor to clear your doubts. They may also help you to educate your kids.


It is a dome shaped bowl, which is made using a flexible and thin rubber. It is placed above the cervix. It blocks the cervix so that sperm don’t enter uterus. In order to provide protection, bowl of the diaphragm is filled with spermicide prior to inserting into the vagina. Make sure that diaphragm is put into the vagina at least 6 hours prior to having the sex. It should be filled with spermicide on each occasion of having sex. Diaphragm should be retained in the vagina for 6 hours after having sex. You can use the finger to remove it.

You have to wash the diaphragm after each use. Keep it in a case in dry condition. Make sure that it is not dusted with baby powder. You should not use petroleum jelly, mineral oil or baby oil. If you use such oils, the rubber becomes brittle. Also avoid using vaginal creams including yeast medicines. You need to buy a new diaphragm after two years. Ensure that it is not cracked after each use. It costs nearly US$30-50.

If the holes are not noticed, you may have accidental pregnancy. Use it carefully to prevent accidental pregnancy. Make sure that it sits properly over the cervix.

Side Effects

Spermicides are likely to irritate the surrounding skin and the vagina. It may also cause allergy.

Ensure Protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases

You need to use condom along with diaphragm to protect from STDs.