Set up an HP printer in easy steps

HP printers Installing HP printers can be a tricky job for a novice user. It can also create problems after it has been installed. So the following steps come handy when there is problem in the installation. But once the printer is installed, HP printers do a great job in the area of printing technology as compared to other printers.

At first accumulate the things are to be required, viz- HP printer, Computer, Internet, CD and HP model number. The first step is unpacking the printer. You have to unpack the printer and set aside the installation poster and the HP CD.

The next step is powering the HP printer. The printer should only be powered not to be connected with any type of USB cord or other types of wireless cables.

The next step is to fit the ink cartridge into the carriage. This should be done accordingly as described in the poster. At first the protective tape should be removed and the cartridge should be placed with a proper alignment.

Now place the CD in your drive. This CD contains the driver for the wired USB or wireless connectivity. Without these drivers the printer would never run. You can also follow the same steps, if the driver becomes corrupted.

Now connect the USB cable when it is instructed. You should skip this step if you are using a wireless printer.

Then remove the CD from the disk drive and wait for the computer to restart. After the computer restarts you should print a test page from any applications or from the properties tab of the printer stating “print test page”.

So you printer is ready to work. Now these steps will work for any HP printer including those “all in ones”. If it happens that you loose the CD, go to the HP website, type your model number and you will have access to number of resources for the required help.

The most important thing that has to be taken care of are ink cartridges. You should always use original ink cartridges for best quality of printing.


  • Do greatly honor the informative post. Thank you! I was able to install my printer using this information.