Sending save-the-dates

Sending save-the-dates Sending save-the-dates for weddings is not a common trend but a rather useful one. The function of a save the date card is exactly what it says – it tells your guests to save the date of your wedding on their calendar. It may be unconventional to send out save-the- dates, but they are useful in the coordination of your wedding.

It is important to follow the right etiquette when it comes to sending save the dates. A save the date is not just a piece of card that contains a tentative date of your wedding. Ensure that you know the fixed date of your wedding to send out a save the date. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you need to change the information you sent out, do so verbally over the phone. It may minimize the chance of confusion.

The reason
A save the date card helps guests to make arrangements for your wedding. This applies especially in the case of destination weddings. If you’re getting married during festival time or when people usually go on holidays, a save-the-date gives plenty of advance notice. Guests will then have a chance to make plans, bookings etc.

The time frame
Always send out save-the-dates few months before the wedding. Remember that this is just an announcement of your wedding date and not a formal invitation for the wedding. Keep in mind also that save the dates should only be sent to those people you plan to invite to the wedding.

The content
Short and sweet are the operative words. Even if your wedding details are all planned, you don’t need to include them in your save the date card. Ideally, the names of bride and groom, the date and the place of the wedding are sufficient information. The styles vary from formal to casual, depending on your wedding theme.

Some people may mistake a save-the-date card for a real invitation. Therefore, make sure you include ‘Invitation to follow’ at the end of the card.