Select flowers: meaningful flowers for every occasion

floral17 Flowers have formed the perfect gift for ages on various occasions from birthdays to anniversaries. In addition, they are also used as decorations to brighten up the beauty of a place. Flowers are also worn as accessories by some women.

Every flower has a meaning. While stylish and expensive bouquets are created by florists for people to give as gifts, a single flower with the right meaning will win the heart of your loved one. Most occasions are signified with flowers of different meanings.


Red roses are the most common flowers given by lovers on Valentine’s Day and are a good way to say ‘I love you’. But love has varied manifestations and these are expressed through different kinds of flowers.

For instance, the pain that accompanies strong and deep love is expressed well through carnations. Red carnations mean that your heart aches for the person to whom you present the flowers.

White carnations stand for devoted love. The orchid, once associated with love and fertility, stands for seduction.

Pure and faithful

Lilies are another type of popular flower used widely on various occasions. Lilies have always and still continue to symbolize purity and faith. Calla lilies are a variety of white blossoms and stand for beauty and sophistication.


Sunflowers, bright and yellow, and leaning toward the sun are not commonly used. They stand for adoration but they are also healthy. Sunflowers are abundant in protein, fiber, Vitamin E and minerals.


For birthdays, the right flowers to present your loved one are the ones associated with his or her birth date. Every month is related to a particular flower just like birthstones.

You can find a list of such birthday flowers on the Internet. For instance, the flowers for April are sweet pea and daisy while August is associated with poppy and gladiolus.

Find a flower for any emotion you experience and express it by presenting those flowers to the object of your sentiments.