Secrets of Successful Long Distance Marriage

long-distance-marriage Marriages are made in heaven. However, it depends on two mortal souls to make their marriage work. We have to overcome many obstacles in our married life. When we fail in our acid tests of married life, the ‘made in heaven’ marriage ends in separation and divorce. In long distance marriages, when spouses are physically separated for months or years, it becomes extremely challenging to make your marriage survive.

When spouses are living apart, maintaining proper communication is the sole key to a successful marriage. Therefore, forget about your escalating phone bill amounts. Talk to your spouse everyday. When you are unable to meet face to face, hearing your spouse’s voice is the only way of feeling each other’s presence. Talking to your spouse at least once a day, is desirable for a successful long distance marriage. The calls during the night can be especially long, since both of you feel lonely. At the end of the day both of you might love to share the experiences you have had throughout the day. Occasional letters or emails can also help to strengthen relations. However, nothing can be as effective in long distance relationships as hearing your spouse’s voice.

Remember important days
In long distance marriages, you should always remind your spouse how much you care for him or her. You cannot afford to forget your spouse’s birthday. Make sure that cards and gifts reach your spouse on his or her birthday. Belated birthday wishes are not acceptable in long distance marriages. Similarly, try your best to spend your marriage anniversary together. Valentine’s Day is another day to express your love for your spouse.

Spend time together happily
In long distance marriages, spouses hardly get enough time to spend with each other. Whenever both of your come together, always ensure that you enjoy each other’s company. Keep arguments and complains out of your life during these warm moments.

Trust and commitment
Infidelity does not only occur because of physical separation. Extra marital affairs also occur when spouses live together. To make your relationship survive, you have to trust your spouse. Strong love and commitment will definitely help to strengthen marital bonds, even in long distance marriages.