Secrets of a happy relationship with in-laws

inlaws It’s natural to have negative feelings towards your in-laws if you’ve heard horror stories from friends about monster-like mothers-in law or rude, interfering brothers and sisters-in law. Whether or not you like this new set of relatives, you have to get along with them to ensure peaceful family gatherings in the future.

Mine, yours, ours

Remember that your in-laws are the family of your loved one. He or she feels about them the way you feel about your family. Now that you’re married, his family is also your family, so treat them accordingly.

Don’t think of them as acquaintances that need to be tolerated occasionally. Make an effort to like and get to know them.

Bitter revenge

Your in-laws may resent you as a new addition in the family. They may be sarcastic with you or undermine you for no fault of your own. Hurtful as it is, don’t get angry and give them a taste of their own medicine.

You know you don’t deserve their criticism, so don’t let it bother you. Take it in good humor and laugh it away. You need to be strong enough to stay unaffected by petty remarks.

Adapt and adjust

If your in-laws have a family tradition you don’t like or a different religion than yours, don’t mock it or be contemptuous of it. Try and adjust as much as possible. Compromises are necessary in a marriage and respect and understanding are essential to build happy relationships.


Your spouse should be your best friend. Talk to him or her if you’re facing too much trouble from the in-laws. Know when you’re being taken for granted or pushed too far.

Talk to the source of the problem too. Try and make your mother-in-law or brother-in-law understand that their behavior is upsetting you. Chances are they’ll be understanding and change their attitude.

You need to get along with your in-laws as you’re married to a member of their family. Do your part well in contributing to a long and happy relationship.