Sebaceous Cysts Treatment Tips

Sebaceous Cysts Treatment Tips

Sebaceous cyst is a sac that is closed and remains under the skin. This sac is filled with sebum and proteins of the skin. Sebaceous cysts may develop on various parts of the skin like face, base of the ear, scalp, chest, back, labia, scrotum etc. The creamy cheese like substances is found inside the cyst and they are painless and are usually slow growing. It may move freely beneath the skin and may disappear after sometime. At times sebaceous cyst gets infected and turns in to a painful abscess. It may become red, tender, swollen and painful cysts. Sometimes these sebaceous cyst need to be surgically removed in order to prevent its reoccurrence. But here are some home remedies that may help to get relief from these painful sebaceous cysts.

Remedies for Sebaceous Cysts

Hot Compress

Never try to squeeze the lump or puncture the lump as it may cause scarring. Apply warm compression on the infected lump for about three times day for 20 minutes. This helps to dissolve the solidified sebum present in the cyst and to reabsorb it back to the body. While practicing this try to avoid the intake of fatty and oily substances from your food and this helps you more to reabsorb the melted sebum. In some other time the pus filled cyst may break open with hot application and drain its contents.

Aloe Vera

Apply aloe vera gel or juice on the infected cyst and the healing and soothing property of aloe vera helps to get rid of the sebaceous cyst.

Milk Thistle

Take milk thistle daily and it may help your liver in purifying the blood and thus removes the cyst.

Turmeric Powder

Mix half teaspoon of turmeric powder with half cup of milk and take it twice a day. Continue this for ten days and the antibiotic property of turmeric helps you to get rid of the infected cyst.

Also try to avoid the exposure to hot sun as it may cause the condition verse. You can also use antibacterial soap for bathing along with hot water as it helps you to wash out the excess oil from the skin. Always stick to oil free products for preventing the formation of such cysts.