Science Games for Children

science-games-for-children If you wish your children to gain knowledge of science then you can initiate them to the world of science through games. You can make an effort to play easy and enjoyable science games for children at home. In this way they will be able to learn about science in a simple and playful method. When you mix together education and games, your children will not feel that you are aiming to teach them a solemn lesson. Therefore, they will enjoy and learn at the same time. You can play these fascinating science games with your children in your free time.

Bottle Tornado

Tornado inside a bottle is a game for kids that will show them the manner in which tornadoes work. To play this you need to fill a plastic bottle with plain water, making sure that only about three-quarters is full. Make a circle out of cardboard and punch a hole in the middle. Keep it on top of the water bottle’s mouth.

Place one bottle of the same shape and size on top of this bottle in an upside down manner and then fix both of them with an adhesive tape. Turn the bottles in such a manner that the bottle filled with water is above the other one. Now while holding the base of the bottle, shake the top bottle, making circular motions. You will find a tornado created inside the bottle.

The Color Wheel

Spinning color wheel is another popular science game for kids. Use a spinning color wheel to demonstrate to your children how all the seven rainbow colors vanish. Cut out a circle from white tag board. Make seven equal divisions on it and fill each section with each of the rainbow shades.

You should paint the shades in their right order. Make a hole in the center of the board and insert a pencil through it. Spin it and the wheel will look white.