School Safety – Ensuring safety of your child in school

How safe is your child in school? While enrolling your child in a school, besides the quality of the teaching staff, the standard of security in the school should not escape your mind. To ensure the safety of your child in school, you should consider certain things before sending your child to school.

Standard of security

The school should have few entrances. There should be strict rule against allowing strangers inside the school premise. Visitors entering the school should be monitored closely. Students should not be allowed to leave school during the school hours. Every member, teachers and other employees of the school should carry ID badges. The school should install emergency communications system in all classrooms and gym.

Proper dress code should be maintained by the students. Students should not be allowed to wear gang style clothing. Given the rising incidences of school shootouts, to prevent students from bringing weapons to school, all students should come to school with their shirts properly tucked in. This would prevent them from hiding weapons in their clothing. Students not following the proper dressing code should not be allowed to enter the school.

Dealing with troubled students

Violence in school is usually associated with depression. To ensure proper safety in the school, it is necessary to identify the troubled students and help them to overcome their psychological problems. The school should have trained staff to counsel the troubled students, and prevent future mishaps. The school authorities should ensure that the school remains free from weapons and illegal drugs. The activities of students should be closely monitored. Any complain about unruly behavior should be dealt promptly. Teenaged students should be involved in activities of crime watch and peer assistance.

How parents can help

Parents should ask their kids about their experience in school. If your child talks about any uncomfortable incidence, you should immediately talk to the school administration about the incidence. Keep track of your child’s behavior. Sudden drop in grades, violent activities or any abnormal change in behavior might indicate that something is wrong with the child. Small children should not go to school alone. They might travel in a school bus or walk to school with an elder sibling or other children. Tell your child to avoid strangers. Make sure that the child knows your phone number and other emergency contact numbers.