School Bullying – How Your Child Can Deal With School Bullies

Is your child being bullied in school? You will never know whether your child is facing a problem in school, until he/she opens up to his parents or other family members about his difficulties in school. Although your child might withhold information, you can search for telltale signs that might indicate that bullies in school are bothering your son or daughter.

Signs that your child is being bullied

Is your child scared to go to school? If your child looks for excuses to skip school, it is possible that he/she is a victim of school bullying. Stress, sadness, frequent emotional outburst, anger and sleeping difficulties might indicate that something is wrong with your child.

Although, these symptoms might indicate some other psychological problem unrelated to bullying in school, you couldn’t rule out school bullying as a possible reason behind your child’s behavioral changes. Your child might be frightened to go to unsupervised areas of the school such as bathrooms. Your son or daughter might fail to give proper explanation for the cuts or bruises on the body and damaged clothing and school supplies.

Helping our child to deal with bullies

Once you notice any change in your child’s behavior, encourage your child to talk about his difficulties in school. Children are initially reluctant and scared to acknowledge their problems. However, your child will open up once he/she is convinced that you will help him/her overcome his/her problems.

You can ask your child to ignore the bully. Ask your child, instead of appearing scared, he/she should look bored when the bully starts annoying him/her. If this tactic fails to work within a few days, and the bullying continues, you should immediately talk to the teacher or principal of your child’s school about your child’s problem. Usually school authorities take steps to address the problem. You might seek the help of a mental health professional to help your child deal with his/her emotional problems. While communicating with the teachers and administrators keep notes of all your meetings. If the school authorities fail to take adequate measures to stop bullying, you can contact the district superintendent or the department of education.