Save Your Marriage With Loyalty

save-your-marriage Both of you were madly in love before marriage. Unfortunately, your relationship started to become sour after marriage, finally ending in a divorce. With the escalating rise in the divorce rate, it is time to ponder, are we failing to take the right marriage decision? In USA itself, more than 40 percent people marry more than three times. So which element is missing from the married life, which is leading to so many heartbreaks?

Loyalty is needed to make a marriage last a lifetime. Lack of loyalty is the primary reason that ends a marriage. Before taking your marriage vows, remember that loyalty will be the primary obligation of your successful married life.

Will your spouse support your dream?
A study, recently conducted by researchers of the Northwestern University, gives useful insight into how relationship changes after marriage. While dating, an individual is involved in romantic dreams. Promises made while dating are tested only after marriage. A good dating partner can become a good spouse only if the husband or wife helps each other to realize their dreams. According to the study, if you are planning to get married, you should know whether your partner would support you to achieve your dream, and help you to accomplish your obligations.

Loyal listener
If you want your relationship to survive, you should make your spouse feel that he or she is your priority. If you are too busy with your own life, you might not have any time to listen to your spouse. To express your loyalty, you should be an avid listener. Listen to whatever your spouse has to say, his/her happiness, sorrow and fear with full attention.

Loyalty in speech
Negative criticism has no place in a happy married life. Express your loyalty through your conversation. Do not be sarcastic. Ridiculing your spouse will increase the rift between both of you.

Limiting freedom
Often people feel that loyalty in marriage limits their freedom. However, by curtailing your freedom, to some extent, you will get back more in return. You will have a happy family, happy kids and a marriage that will last forever.