Save Your Body From Toxins With Detox Diet

detox-diet Everyday various types of toxins are entering our body. To flash out the toxins entering our body through food and air, detox diet is recommended.

Benefits of detox diet
The food and water, which we drink, are hardly free from traces of pesticides, additives, preservative and various other carcinogenic or poisonous elements. Environmental pollution is forcing us to inhale smoke and various poisonous fumes. The toxins entering our body damage our immune system. Despite having a good meal, we are suffering from nutritional deficiency. Massive increase in obese population is also attributed to global pollution. Since it is difficult for us to prevent these toxins from entering our body, we can reverse their harmful action, by regularly eliminating them from our body.

Detox diet is designed to discard toxins from our body, provide essential nutrients and strengthen metabolism. People following detox diet experience improvement in digestion, regular bowel movement and normal body weight. They have healthy skin and hair. Detox diet helps to improve both physical and mental health.

Detox diet plan
There are several versions of detox diet, such as raw food diet, diuretic diet, fat flush diet, liquid diet, liver cleansing diet etc. The highlights of a typical detox diet plan would include eating organic food, drinking plenty of water and juices and occasional fasting.

Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are part of a safe detox diet plan. You should consume organic foods and drinks only. There are various benefits of consuming organic foods. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used for growing these fruits and vegetables. The nutrients remain intact in plants grown by using organic fertilizers and pesticides. Our body can easily digest organic foods. You should eat whole grain products. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water to hydrate your body and to flash out toxins through urination. Intake of certain fruits, vegetables and herbs, which have diuretic property, is encouraged. Parsley, celery, asparagus, melon, watercress, dandelion and juniper berries help to prevent water retention and increases urination.

While following a detox diet plan, you should avoid consumption of alcohol, caffeine, refined and processed foods. You should also stop smoking.

Side effects of detox diet
Besides the several advantages of detox diet, you should try to avoid excessive restrictive diet plans. According to studies, detox diet plans, which rely on fasting, or consuming only juices can be harmful.