Save money on your wedding

Save money on your wedding Very few people can spend large amounts of money without disturbing their conscience. But most people still think twice before spending copious amounts of cash. Some occasions in life warrant expenditure, weddings for example. Unless you want to get married at city hall and be done with it, a wedding ceremony and reception involves spending a sizeable chunk of money.

There are ways to save money on wedding. If you’re willing to compromise or think out-of-the-box, a wedding can become a less expensive affair than you imagined.

Spread the love, but not so much
Of course you want to share your special day with the people you love. But rethink your definition of love. Does it include friends you haven’t spoken to in years or colleagues you despise but have to invite because they know about the wedding?

Edit and then re-edit the wedding guest list again and again. You’ll find that you could do without a lot of people at your wedding. Invite only close friends and family whom you would love to share your special day with.

Come and work together
Few aspects of the wedding can be taken care of yourself. Wedding favors, place cards, flower arrangements may cost lesser if managed by you. Enlisting the help of friends and family will make the task easier and faster. You can make an evening of it, with food, music and laughter.

All in one place
Dreams about marrying on a hill top and celebrating on a beach had best be abandoned. It would cost a lot to have the ceremony and reception at two different places especially if the distance between them is great. You’ll save on transportation costs if you hold the ceremony and reception in one place or at least at a walking distance from each other.

The early bird
Start shopping for your wedding as soon as possible, especially when the good discounts are still around. Wedding dresses can be quite cheap if you buy them on sale.

Think of all the places where you can cut costs and save money on your wedding