Sandalwood Oil – Various Uses Of Sandalwood Oil

From making perfumes to skin care, sandalwood oil has a wide range of uses. This aromatic essential oil could be used for skin and hair care. It can be used as massage oil. Several mild ailments could be treated with the oil extracted from the bark of the sandalwood tree.

Skin care

Sandalwood oil is extensively used for skin care. It refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. This essential oil is particularly beneficial for treating problems of the oily skin. Adding a few drops of sandalwood oil to a face pack could help to restore the oil balance of your skin. Sandalwood oil could prevent acne breakouts by reducing the excess oil secretion.

The soothing and cooling property of sandalwood oil is beneficial for treating skin irritation. You can use sandalwood oil as an antiseptic medicine. It could be used for treating wounds, minor skin infections and boils. Fungal infection of the nail could be healed with sandalwood oil. You can even use sandalwood oil for anti aging skin treatment. Sandalwood oil serves as a natural sunscreen. It could protect your skin from sunburn.

Hair care

Sandalwood oil could be used for treating excess dryness of the scalp. It can prevent dandruff. Eczema on the scalp could be cured with the help of sandalwood oil. Massaging your scalp and hair with sandalwood oil could reduce the dryness of the hair. Sandalwood oil could even prevent hair damage from excess exposure to sunlight.


Sandalwood oil could be used as a natural antiperspirant. The cooling effect of sandalwood oil could temporarily reduce sweat production. Moreover, the fresh fragrance of sandalwood could cover up bad body odor.

Reduce stress

The fragrance of sandalwood is a powerful stress buster. You can overcome anxiety and stress with a body massage using sandalwood essential oil. To make sandalwood oil based massage oil, mix sandalwood essential oil with odorless carrier oil. Few drops of sandalwood oil added to your bath water will make bathing more enjoyable. Sniffing sandalwood oil could alleviate stress and depression. The aroma of sandalwood could relax your mind, improve concentration and boost memory.

Medicinal uses

Sandalwood oil is effective in lowering blood pressure level. It could be used for treating flatulence, fever and edema.