Samsung Unveils IceTouch and MyFit PMPs

For all the music lovers, searching for a new MP3 player, Samsung has unveiled two portable media players or PMPs – Samsung IceTouch and Samsung MyFit. In the current age, where it is difficult to come across a cell phone without an integrated media player, the reason for owning a standalone media player is indeed questionable. Nonetheless, Samsung, just like its rivals in the MP3 players sector, expects to grab customers’ attention with innovative PMPs.

Samsung IceTouch
It seems that the transparent display of Sony Ericsson Pureness has inspired Samsung to include a transparent AMOLED screen in the IceTouch MP3 player. The touch screen full color display is packed with the TouchWiz Sweep user interface developed by Samsung. The scratch resistant and durable screen of IceTouch is made of tempered glass and built with the dual-injecting molding process.

The display provides a smooth surface, on which the users would enjoy gliding their fingers. This upcoming MP3 player from Samsung features 5.1-channel sound enhancement technology. IceTouch supports MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG and M4A audio files. It supports MPEG4, WMV, H.264, Divx and Xvid video files. To match the desired audio level of the producer, Samsung IceTouch could automatically analyze and adjust the sound level. Samsung IceTouch will come is blue, purple, pink and gray colors. It comes with 16GB storage space.

Samsung MyFit
If you are aiming for a ‘size zero’ figure, but you are unsure how to get that appropriate shape, you can purchase the Samsung MyFit MP3 player. Samsung MyFit is the first ‘wellness promoting’ MP3 player in the world. Music makes workouts seem less strenuous. Samsung MyFit users could easily design a jogging playlist, comprising of music tracks compatible with workouts. The Tapping Control Jogging mode enables users to switch to the next music track by tapping the music player.

The integrated exercise management program monitors the fitness target of users. The accelerometer incorporated in the MP3 player measures the amount of calories burnt during workouts. The food calorie database loaded in the PMP measures the calories obtained from each meal. The wellness apps of MyFit even help users to quit smoking and increase water consumption. Samsung MyFit has 8GB of storage space. It supports prominent audio and video formats.