Samsung Mondi – The super fast mobile internet device

samsung-mondi The success of any internet device depends on the speed with which it can transfer data. Leading communication device makers are no longer content enhancing the speed of internet data transfer by incorporating only 3G network. In their endeavor to break speed barriers, technocrats are now gradually introducing the 4G network. You can now expect to experience the 4G high-speed internet connectivity on the new Samsung Mondi.

Fast browsing speed
Samsung Mondi is a mobile internet device, which allows users to do all their computing activities on the move. Its high speed, facilitated by Wi-Fi and supported by WiMax, distinguishes Mondi from similar other devices. The wireless digital communication system, WiMax, is designed to provide wireless networking in the same manner as Wi-Fi. A standard Wi-Fi network works within an area of 100 to 300 feet. However, WiMax increases the accessibility of the Wi-Fi network up to 10 miles for mobile stations and up to 30 miles for fixed stations. Samsung Mondi is especially suitable for the Clearwire WiMax service, currently offered in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Portland. In case the user is out of the area covered by the WiMax network, he can switch to Wi-Fi.

For web browsing and data transfer, Samsung Mondi is preloaded with Internet Explorer and Opera Mobile.

Samsung Mondi other features
This handheld device sports a 4.3-inch touchscreen display. The Microsoft Office Mobile operating system, preinstalled in Mondi, provides easy access to your Word and Excel files. You can also access your emails through Microsoft Outlook. Further, you can sync your desktop computer data with Mondi via ActiveSync. Mondi features a slide out full QWERTY keyboard, a 3-megapixel camera, webcam, media player, push-to-talk and integrated GPS navigation powered by Route 66 and preinstalled navigation maps. The built-in camera of Mondi is equipped with auto focus, face recognition, smile shot, anti-shaking and panoramic shot features. Samsung Mondi has up to 4GB of internal storage space, which could be extended up to 32GB with memory card. The battery of this mobile internet device supports up to 4 hours and 5 hours of talk time with WiMax and Wi-Fi respectively. Samsung Mondi measures 4.88-inch (height) x 3.03-inch (width) x 0.63-inch (depth) and weighs 5.39oz.

Mondi costs $450 and is available from Clearwire retails and Best Buy stores in Atlanta, Portland and Las Vegas and online from