Samsung M2310, M2510, C5510 and S6700 – Four Mid-range Phones

samsung-m2310 Samsung has officially launched four cell phones. Samsung M2310 and M2510 will be two reasonably priced music centric phones, whereas Samsung C5510 and S6700 will be two mid range sliders from Samsung

Samsung M2310 features
Samsung M2310, featuring Digital Natural Sound Engine, will have dedicated music keys and 3.5mm audio jack. It will have a 2-inch main display of 120 x 160 pixels resolution. Samsung M2130 also has an external 1.1-inch display of 96 x 96-pixel resolution. This Samsung phone will run on quad-band GSM network and will support GPRS, HSCPD, EDGE and Bluetooth. It has a slim appearance, measuring 93mm x 45mm x 19.6mm and weighing 84.7gram. M2510 features WAP 2 browser. This handset has 9MP internal memory, which can be expanded to 8GB with microSD memory card. M2310 is also equipped with a VGA camera.

Samsung M2510
Samsung M2510 is another music centric phone. Its music features are similar to M2310. Just like M2310 it also features Digital Natural Sound Engine, 3.5mm audio jack and dedicated music keys. Samsung M2510 has a 2.2-inch display. This phone will also run on quad-band GSM. Since this phone targets the mid-range consumers, 3G is missing from this device.

However, M2510 supports GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE and Bluetooth. Compared with Samsung M2310, M2510 is slightly bigger and heavier. It measures 99.5mm x 46.5mm x 15.7mm and weighs 90.5 gram. It has greater internal memory than M2310. However, the 15MB internal memory of M2510 can be expanded to 8GB with microSD memory card. M2510 has a 1.3MP camera.

Samsung C5510
This slider phone will support quad-band GSM and 3G network. It features a 2.2-inch LCD display. The 2MP camera of the phone sports Smile Detection feature. It has 20MB internal memory. MicroSD memory card slot will facilitate expansion of memory up to 16GB.

Samsung S6700
Samsung S6700 is the most feature packed phone among the four Samsung devices. This phone will have built-in GPS to help users find locations. The Digital Natural Sound Engine of S6700 ensures superb audio quality. S6700 boasts a 2.4-inch display with accelerometer sensor. This handset will support quad-band GSM network and 3G. It has 120MB internal memory, which could be increased to 16GB with microSD memory card. S6700 also has the best camera among all the four devices. The 3.15MP camera will support geotagging, face detection, image stabilization, smile shot and wide dynamic range features.