Samsung Launches eReader E60

The long awaited Samsung eReader has finally arrived in the US market. Earlier the eReader made a brief appearance at CES 2010. The $299 price tag of Samsung eReader E60 will be higher than that of prominent e-book readers including Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle.

Samsung eReader E60 features

To give readers the paper-book like reading and of course writing experience, Samsung has equipped its eReader with an electromagnetic resonance stylus pen. While reading, if you want to jot down notes, simply pick up the stylus pen and write in the margins. You can even modify e-books, newspapers and images with handwritten contents. The stylus pen could even be used for making entries in journals, memos and schedulers. Although it can be pretty easy to use the stylus pen, there is a slight time lag between the writing and the appearance of the handwritten text.

The contents of the e-book will be displayed on a 6 inches E-ink screen of 600 x 800 pixels resolution and 8-Gray scale. However, you can only read the eReader in a well-lit room or in sunlight, because Samsung E60 lacks backlight. You can switch on the built-in speakers of the e-Reader and listen to the content of the e-book as it is read aloud with the help of the integrated text to speech technology. Just like other eReaders, Samsung has integrated an MP3 player in E60. You can listen to the audio books, music or podcasts on the go, without disturbing others around you with the cacophony, with the help of wired or Bluetooth headphones.

The 2GB internal storage space of Samsung E60 could store up to 1,500 e-books. For additional storage, you can use microSD memory card for expanding the external storage capability of the eReader up to 16GB. The LendMe technology will allow users to share selected e-books with another reader free of cost for up to two weeks. However, you can only share one book at a time. With the help of the EmoLink technology, users can share contents between Samsung e-book readers. You can even synch the Outlook Calender with the E60 scheduler. Samsung E60 users could download e-books, periodicals and newspapers from the online store of Barnes & Noble. Most bestsellers downloaded from Barnes & Noble will cost $9.99. Although, Wi-Fi is included in E60, the current model of Samsung eReader lacks 3G connectivity.