Samsung Launches Atom N450 Powered Netbooks

In June last year, Intel unveiled the Atom N450 processor. This first chip of the Atom N400 series sports a 1.66GHz CPU, accompanied by 512KB of L2 cache and 677 MHZ FSM. The next generation netbooks equipped with Atom N450 will flaunt improved battery life and enhanced graphics. To offer its customers the advanced functionality of the new generation processor, Samsung has launched its first Intel Atom N450 powered netbooks – N210, N220, N150 and NB30.

Samsung N210 and N220

Powered by the latest Intel Atom Pineview processor, the Samsung N210 and Samsung N220 flaunt similar features. Both the netbooks sport 10.1 inches anti reflective LED screen. The displays of the netbooks have been designed to produce sharp and detailed images. Moreover, the display is free from mirror effects when viewed under bright light and even in sunlight. Therefore, you need not look for any shade to use your netbook when using it outdoors on a sunny day.

The Easy Resolution Manager tool, incorporated in the netbooks, allows users to change the resolutions of the screen to suit the specific needs of applications and games. To facilitate video conferencing and live messaging on the go, Samsung has integrated Digital LiveCam in the upcoming netbooks. The crystal pattern designs give Samsung N210 and N220 chic and stylish appearance. One of the greatest benefits of owning either a N210 or N220 netbook is the ability to go online even before the operating system boots. The Phoenix HyperSpace tool integrated in these two netbooks gives users instant access to the internet. The Smart Power Management conserves battery energy, providing up to 12 hours of battery life. The AnyPC application allows users to access data stored in your netbook from any remote PC. In addition, the Phonenix Failsafe app ensures the safety of your data in case of theft, and it even helps to track stolen netbooks.

Samsung N150

Similar to N210 and N220, Samsung N150 features a 10.1 inches display, Easy Resolution Manager, Digital LiveCam, AnyPC and Phoenix FailSafe apps. It has up to 8.5 hours of battery life. The integrated hinge of the netbook ensures portability and seamless connection on the go.

Samsung NB30

Samsung NB30 features the same display, processor and integrated apps as the other N series netbooks. The rugged design of this netbook prevents data loss from sudden fall and spilled water. It supports up to 11 hours of battery life.